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駃ng business i●n the U.S. will not 〓make the U.S. more■ secure or stronger.◆Please scan the QR C■ode to fol○low

us on Ins●tagramPlease scan t■he QR Code to foll■ow us on Wecha◆tChina's Huawei

r●eiterates confidence○ in CFO's inno◆cenceChina's Huawei〓 reiterates ■confidence in CFO●'s innocenceC■hina's

Huawei reiter○ates confidenc〓e in CFO's innoc◆ence05-09-2019 〓11:17 BJTVANCOUVE?/p>

馬, May 8 -- C〓hinese t

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gai■nst Ms. Meng is base◆d on allegation●s that are● simply not t■rue. To the co●ntrary, it 〓was made clear ◆in court to

day th○at business activi●ties by Ms. Meng 〓were conduc●ted openly ●and transparentl○y with full ■knowledge of ban◆king officials," ◆Howes said.The law〓yers noted in cour●t that there i

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s no ●evidence to pro●ve that Meng commi■tted acts of deceit◆, dishonesty, or ot●her fraudulent m◆eans, according to ?/p>

魌he statement.The ac○tions again◆st Meng le○d to serious and rep○eated violations of ◆her ri

ghts, the 〓statement s■aid. Her luggag

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